Saturday Night & Sunday Morning

Commissioned by New Perspectives (2006)

Photo: Robert Day

“Why make us soldiers when we’re fighting to the hilt as it is? Fighting with women and wives, landlords and gaffers, coppers, army, government, the lot.”

Hard-drinking Arthur Seaton works at the Raleigh lathe and earns enough for a bellyful of booze on a Saturday night. He’s playing with fire in his affair with Brenda – who’s married to his workmate – and he’s got his eye on her sister Winnie, too. He knows he’s trapped by the factory life but the weekend brings blessed release.

Alan Sillitoe’s ground-breaking picture of 1950s Britain was immortalised in the award-winning 1960s film starring Albert Finney. Classic kitchen-sink drama blends with high-energy action in this fast-moving stage adaptation which brings Arthur Seaton raging into the present day.

Facts & Figures

Commissioned by New Perspectives, the first production was directed by Daniel Buckroyd.

Subsequent productions include Harrogate Theatre & Oldham Coliseum (directed by Joyce Branagh) and Mercury Colchester (directed by Tony Casement).

Author Alan Sillitoe and his wife Ruth Fainlight were special guests at the New Perspectives press night and gave the production their full support

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning: Mercury Theatre, Colchester


Saturday Night & Sunday Morning

“Amanda Whittington’s stage adaptation makes the almost 50-year-old classic seem less nostalgic than prophetic.”

The Guardian

“Anyone tempted to think that 50 years ago, life was nicer only has to watch the scenes in the pub or the hot-bath abortion scene that quite rightly spares the audience little.”

The Guardian

“A compact and clever adaptation.”

The Guardian

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