Satin ‘n Steel

Commissioned by Nottingham Playhouse (2005)
Published by Nick Hern Books

Photo: Robert Day

“When Vince Steel’s up there, he’s Mr Showbiz. He’s the Man. He’s selling a dream. And you can’t sell ‘em that dream, not round here.”

A karaoke competition in a working men’s club brings together seasoned pro Vince Steel, and raw recruit Tina White in an explosion of talent, desire and ambition. As the all-singing, all-dancing Satin ‘n Steel, love blossoms but as the years pass, their ambitions start to wilt.

Teena dreams of a Caribbean cruise but ends up taking the stage on a North Sea ferry. What’s more, Vinces’ double life threatens to break up the act. Packed with clubland favourites, Nottingham’s answer to Sonny and Cher struggle to live out of the love songs they sing.

Facts & Figures

Satin n Steel began as a 15-minute curtain raiser as part of Theatre Writing Partnership’s Get Shortie season.

Comedian Norman Pace partnered Sara Poyzer in the first production. directed for Nottingham Playhouse by Esther Richardson.

Subsequent productions include Oldham Coliseum, Hull Truck and the Queens Theatre, Hornchurch.


Satin ‘n Steel

“In an age when people frequently assume stardom by right, it is good to be reminded of the club circuit diehards who still believe in paying their dues, even if it bankrupts them in the process.”

The Guardian

“A script packed with hope, emotion, love, jealousy and sadness.”

British Theatre Guide

“Warm-hearted and emotionally astute.”

The Guardian

Satin ‘n Steel

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