D for Dexter Returns

Series four of D For Dexter begins on Monday November 13th and runs for a week in the BBC Radio 4 15-Minute Drama slot (10.40am and online).

D for Dexter Returns | Amanda Whittington

Skye and Dexter are doing okay – just.  Now aged 14, Skye (Sydney Wade) has been excluded from school, which at least gives her time to get five-year-old Dexter to his class on time.  Skye never knows if her mum Jak (Una McNulty) will be in, out or out of it.  Neighbour Mia (Julie Riley) gives a helping hand but when Jak’s new friend Leanne (Etta Fusi) turns up on the doorstep, their fragile routine descends into chaos.

Directed by Mary Ward Lowery, this award-winning annual drama is written for the BBC Children in Need appeal.  Series four was developed with the help of Footsteps 2000, a Children in Need-funded organisation which supports young people affected by a loved one’s substance abuse.

D For Dexter is broadcast around 10.40am on BBC Radio Four.  It can also be heard on BBC iPlayer.


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